Our Marketing Plan: Customer-Centric Earnestness, Consistency, and Commitment

Our unparalleled growth in the last three decades has been a by-product of the impetus we put on customer-centricity. Our fundamental research & development practice and operating principles have evolved from the inherent vision to solve all the incumbents' immediate and latent needs in the global and Indian textile ecosystem. That has been the key reason we have been rewarded with the continuing and growing faith of small, medium, and large-scale textile businesses worldwide.

Partnering with the Global Textile Leaders Across 25 Countries

With an annual dyestuff production capacity of close to 15,000 MT paired with tremendous growth across the globe, we defy the laws of physics – we move quickly despite our scale.

Our fascination and focus on operational excellence based on customer-centricity has rewarded us with the opportunity to partner with global leaders like H&M, Zara, GAP, M&S, and Walmart. Today, we stand tall as the partner of choice for dyestuff for businesses in South America, the USA, Russia, West Asia, the Far East, and Europe.

33 Years of Serving the Diverse Indian Market

We have been serving the Indian textiles industry for the past three decades now, have seen its ups and downs along with expansions. Our collective learning and growth in this period have made us the apt partner for the needs of the Indian textile ecosystem:

  • A wide network of channel partners who match our excellence, integrity, and customer-centricity.
  • Our offerings befit the need profiles of the small, medium, and large scale textile consumers, manufacturers, and brands.
  • We consistently leverage our globally calibrated and consistently updated knowledge capital to improve our offerings for the Indian market.
  • We actively invest in consonance with the market-leading in quality, focusing on innovation, maintaining high manufacturing standards, and providing on-demand Technical Services to ensure an immaculate solution to problem-case fit.