Vinyl Sulphone (VS) Based Reactive Dyes

  • Widely applied on cellulosic fibers by exhaust dyeing, Cold Pad Batch and Continuous Dyeing Processes. Also, suitable for discharge and resist style of printing.
  • Good solubility even in presence of alkali with very good light and wash fastness properties.
  • Due to medium substantivity to the cellulosic substrate, excellent leveling property is achieved.
Product Name C.I. Number
Reactive Yellow FG Reactive Yellow 42
Reactive Yellow GR Reactive Yellow 15
Reactive Golden Yellow RNL Reactive Orange 107
Reactive Orange 3R Reactive Orange 16
Reactive Red BB Reactive Red 21
Reactive Red BS Reactive Red 111
Reactive Violet 5R Reactive Violet 5
Reactive Turquoise Blue G Reactive Blue 21
Reactive Blue BB Reactive Blue 220
Reactive Navy Blue RGB Reactive Blue 250
Reactive Brilliant Blue R Reactive Blue 19
Reactive Brown GR Reactive Brown 18
Reactive Black B Reactive Black 5
Reactive Black RL Reactive Black 31
Reactive Black N – 150 Reactive Black Mix
Reactive Black HFGR Reactive Black Mix
Reactive Black WNN Reactive Black Mix
Reactive Super Black R Reactive Black Mix
Reactive Super Black G Reactive Black Mix
Reactive Navy Blue GG Reactive Blue 203
Reactive Black RC Reactive Black Mix