Printing (P) Reactive Dyes

  • Significantly economical due to their excellent build-up.
  • The dyes exhibit high solubility, low affinity, high diffusion along with high printing paste stability.
  • Worth-while cost saving arising out of their simplicity and reliability in application.
  • Wide shade range that combines brilliance and intensity in colors.
  • Excellent all-round fastness properties to meet the International Standards.
Product Name C.I. Number
Reactive Yellow P6G Reactive Yellow 95
Reactive Yellow P4G Reactive Yellow 181
Reactive Golden Yellow P3R Reactive Orange 12
Reactive Brilliant Orange P2R Reactive Orange 13
Reactive Red PB Reactive Red 24
Reactive Red P4B Reactive Red 45
Reactive Red Brown P4R Reactive Brown 9
Reactive Magenta PB Reactive Red 14
Reactive Purple P3R Reactive Violet 1
Reactive Blue P5R Reactive Blue 13
Reactive Brilliant Blue P3R Reactive Blue 49
Reactive Turquoise PG Reactive Blue 72
Reactive Navy Blue P2R Reactive Black 39
Reactive Black PN Reactive Black 8
Reactive Black PGR Reactive Black Mix