NICHEM INDUSTRIES was set-up in 1988 to manufacture Reactive Dyes for Textile Mills. We started with Vinyl Sulphone based Reactive Dyes. Over the years, our company has technically grown-up a lot and as a result of it, our production capacity rose to 300 tons per month. Our business, both in Indian Market and our Exports from India also went up considerably. This includes VS, HE and ME type of Reactive Dyes apart from our “High End Specialty Reactive Dyes” under our Brand Names. And today we are exporting to more than 20 overseas countries.

We have made this progress with our hard work, sincerity, dedication and honesty. This includes productive and innovative measures that we have brought in from time to time suitable to the changing scenario.

Being a technology-focused company with a high investment in R & D, the company can offer customized and cost effective solutions-both in terms of products and process applications, thereby positioning our clients to expand and differentiate with respect to global business dimensions. The company values the creativity ingenuity of its employees by creating a corporate culture in which the employees are proud of “cheerful, free-minded and generous atmosphere”.

Over the period of time, the organization has matured to adopt the advanced process technologies meant for the synthesis of high end specialty reactive dyes. With a dedicated team of Innovation, the company is effectively delivering the customized solutions to the global market - including the advanced economies, like, Europe, U.S.A. and Developing Countries like-India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Taiwan and Latin American Countries like-Brazil.

Last but not the least, we need a safe and clear planet to live-in. therefore; equal importance is being given to environmental aspects. We have all the safety measures to take care of our employees and our surroundings.