Mild Exhaust (ME) Reactive Dyes

  • Highly suitable for application on cellulosic fibers by Exhaust, Cold Pad Batch and Continuous Dyeing Processes.
  • Exhibit high exhaustion, high fixation, high alkali stability and very good leveling property.
  • Better reproducibility in dyeing.
  • Excellent all round fastness properties like - Washing, Perspiration, Rubbing, Chlorine, Peroxide Bleach.
Product Name C.I. Number
Reactive Yellow ME4GL Reactive Yellow 160
Reactive Yellow MERL Reactive Yellow 145
Reactive Orange ME2RL Reactive Orange 122
Reactive Red ME3BL Reactive Red 194
Reactive Red ME3GL Reactive Red 223
Reactive Red ME4BL Reactive Red 195
Reactive Red ME6BL Reactive Red 196/250
Reactive Red MERB Reactive Red 198A
Reactive Red MERK Reactive Red 222A
Reactive Blue ME2RL Reactive Blue 248
Reactive Scarlet 2GF Reactive Red 222
Reactive Blue BRF Reactive Blue 221
Reactive Navy Blue ME2GL Reactive Blue 194
Reactive Navy Blue MEBF Reactive Blue 222