Highly Exhaust (HE) Reactive Dyes

  • Widely used for dyeing of cellulosic fibers by exhaust dyeing process at elevated temperature of 80-85°C.
  • These dyes exhibit high substantivity, high fixation and tinctorial value.
  • The high fixation and good build up are of particular importance when dyeing polyester/ cellulosic blends where liquor : material ratio is quite high.
  • Provides good light fastness and excellent washing fastness behavior.
  • Good reproducibility in combination shades.
  • Highly suitable for post mercerization.
Product Name C.I. Number
Reactive Yellow HE6G Reactive Yellow 135
Reactive Yellow HE4G Reactive Yellow 105
Reactive Golden Yellow HE4R Reactive Yellow 84
Reactive Orange HER Reactive Orange 84
Reactive Red HE3B Reactive Red 120
Reactive Red HE7B Reactive Red 141
Reactive Red HE8B Reactive Red 152
Reactive Blue HERD Reactive Blue 160
Reactive Navy Blue HER Reactive Blue 171
Reactive Blue HEGN Reactive Blue 198