Eriotic™ 'D' Series of Reactive Dyes

  • Widely used for dyeing of cellulosic fibers by exhaust dyeing process at elevated temperature of 80-85⁰C.
  • These dyes exhibit high substantivity, high fixation and tinctorial value.
  • The high fixation and good build up are of particular importance when dyeing polyester/ cellulosic blends where liquor : material ratio is quite high.
  • Provides good light fastness and excellent washing fastness behavior.
  • Good reproducibility in combination shades.
  • Highly suitable for post mercerization.
Product Name
Eriotic Lemon D3RX
Eriotic Yellow D3RX
Eriotic Red D3RX
Eriotic Blue D3RX
Eriotic Navy D3RX
Eriotic Royal D3RX