The bottom line of increased business activity in Nichem Industries is taken care of keeping in mind the minimum possible impact to the environmental framework. Our R & D team and Shop-Floor Chemical Technologists are regularly on the lookout for devising the new eco-friendly process applications and eco label products as per internationally acclaimed standards, esp. GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oeko Tex standards.

We have in-house preliminary effluent treatment and incineration facilities, where from the water is led to the Common Effluent Treatment Plant(CETP) where the effluent load is treated completely by ecologically safe and biodegradable methods. The treated water is recycled and made re-usable as permissible by norms of the Pollution Control Board.

The operator in the shop-floor follows a set of guidelines for protecting the environment, as:

  • Procedures to minimize waste and discharges.
  • Procedures for monitoring waste and discharges.
  • Procedures to follow in case of waste and pollution incidents.
  • Procedures for conservation of water and energy, including the proper and minimal use of chemicals and their correct disposal.

Such positive outlook towards protecting and caring the precious environment ushers in the harmonious existence of balanced ecology, society and economy.