Harshad Patel

From a modest beginning in 1988, NICHEM INDUSTRIES has grown from strength to strength to establish itself as a globally focused player with manufacturing capability of High-end Specialty Reactive Dyes in India. The guiding philosophy of our organization throughout has been creation of knowledge pool, inducting updated plant & machinery and infusing technological superiority in implementation of ecologically compatible advanced process technologies.

As a manufacturer - exporter of dyestuff, we believe that anybody can easily say that it will be very difficult for anyone to be in the league. A very tough area, being haunted by cut-throat competition where one’s survival is questionable! But, committed and focused people can go through any hurdle and obstacle and reach the destination and that is the history of Nichem Industries. In short, we could make it possible. We could make our presence felt in the International market because of our client-centric approach.

Ever since the world experienced economic recession, we made this slogan that “Less Profit - More Business” and the outcome is tremendous. We really let our buyers to grow with us. Because, buyers are not merely customers, but they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to our existence in the field of textile dyes.

We welcome you to the world of Nichem Industries

Harshad Patel
Nichem Industries